We expect everyone to follow our rules and guidelines to keep the Epic Games ecosystem safe and fun for everyone. We have Community Rules that apply to all users of Epic’s games, services, and environments. We also have Content Guidelines with details on content that can’t be shared through our different experiences, services and marketplaces.

Consequences for violating our rules and guidelines will vary depending on the severity and number of offenses. This could include:
  • A warning that additional abuses may result in account restrictions.
  • Removal of offensive content from experiences like Fortnite Creative or marketplaces like ArtStation, SketchFab, and the Epic Games Store.
  • A temporary restriction that limits the use of certain products, making purchases, adding new friends, or using social features like voice or text chat for a specific period of time, depending on the nature of the abuse.
  • A permanent account ban that restricts someone from using Epic products. This includes using virtual items, account balances, or other earned or purchased items.
We encourage everyone to report inappropriate conduct and content. You can also block or mute players you no longer wish to interact with. If you suspect that content you encounter in any of our products or services is illegal or violates our Community Rules or Content Guidelines, you can use this form to report it.

Illegal Content
We take reports of potentially illegal content seriously. We use a combination of automated tools and human moderators to identify and flag content that is potentially illegal. Our team of specially-trained moderators reviews flagged reports to determine the appropriate action.
Government or Law Enforcement officials can submit reports using our Government or Law Enforcement form.

Voice Reporting in Fortnite
We have a way to report voice chats in Fortnite. In addition to being able to block, mute and report other players, people can submit audio evidence when they report suspected violations of our Community Rules. This helps us take action against players using voice chat to bully, harass, discriminate or engage in other inappropriate behavior.

Review voice reporting in Fortnite FAQs to learn more.