Manage Parental Controls

After you sign into your child’s Epic Games account using the Epic Account Portal, you can set or modify your younger player’s Parental Controls. Settings can also be modified in Fortnite. Additionally, there are Parental Controls available on gaming platforms such as PlayStation®, Xbox, Nintendo Switch™, and mobile devices, and we provide information below on how to manage platform-level settings.

Learn more about Parental Controls with these helpful guides.


Social Permissions

Manage your child’s online social interactions across Epic’s experiences and games by setting permissions for friend requests, voice and text chat, and mature language filtering. Parents are encouraged to review platform-level social settings as well.


Purchasing Settings

Set permissions to help prevent unauthorized payments while using Epic Games payment services.


Age-Rating Restrictions

Manage which experiences your child can access in Fortnite, and which games your child can access in the Epic Games Store based on age ratings.


Account Connection Controls

Choose if you want to provide parental approval each time your child uses ‘Sign in with Epic’ for third-party games outside the Epic Games Store.


Playtime & Activity Reports

Sign up to receive playtime tracking reports for Fortnite or to receive activity reports for your child’s Epic account.


Gaming Platform Settings

Epic’s Parental Controls apply to the features in games and experiences owned and operated by Epic Games, including Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys, regardless of the platform they’re being played on.


Cabined Accounts

An Epic account designed to create a safe and inclusive space for younger players. Players with Cabined Accounts can still play Fortnite, Rocket League or Fall Guys, but won’t be able to access certain features such as voice chat until their parent or guardian provides consent.